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Meet Designer Nichole West

Nichole West Designs is a one woman show that was born to craft quality jewelry that reflects the wearers soul expression. It is my belief that every piece of jewelry is a gift, whether given by someone else or bought for oneself as an act of self care.  Therefore, each piece is doted with love and attention to even the smallest of details, as a gifted adornment deserves nothing less.  Not one detail is skimmed over in the creative process as jewelry is meant to be passed down and stand the test of time.

Each piece is crafted from my home studio in the Uinta mountains of Utah. The surrounding natural landscape offers surplus amounts of inspiration for my designs. My love for nature has influenced my decision to run a business with a sustainable vision. Therefore, I work with sustainably sourced metals, ethical lapidary artists when not cutting and polishing my own stones and continue to ‘greenify’ my studio and shipping practices. Furthermore, each sale made will result in a donation to One Tree Planted to give back to earth what has been taken.

I love interacting and learning more about my customers or those whom have seen my work, so feel free to reach out at any time! Lots of love, Nichole West.